Abre Appathons

Abre Appathons are hosted events where students, teachers, and the learning community define problems and develop their own apps as solutions.

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Apps and Integrations

What is Abre?

Abre is an education platform. It hosts education apps. Apps provide solutions that make everyone happy.

Abre is based on an open-source project. What does that mean? The open-source project provides source code for the Abre Hub that can be downloaded, modified, and used by anyone (like students or staff). By learning to code, anyone can develop their own Abre app. Creative ideas can shine.

Think of Abre as an education operating system. It’s where school happens.

The best way to understand how Abre works is to experience a short tour.

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When we created Abre, we intentionally designed a platform for fiddling. Learning is an experience involving trial and error, just-right challenges, and concrete outcomes. Instead of creating restrictive software, we placed an open-source license on Abre. We invited others to join in the fun.

Philosophically, this fits with who we are. We’re an education company (with roots in public education) dedicated to help students learn and teachers to teach. We believe in giving tools to improve learning and teaching. We believe in providing access to experiential learning opportunities.

As an education platform, we hold a distinct advantage: The Learning Community. Students, educators, parents, and community members all have ideas on solving problems in education. The benefit of Abre is that they now have an ecosystem to develop solutions.

We’ve structured Appathons to be accessible and flexible. You don’t need to know how to code or work through every chapter on this site. Our goal is to provide ingredients to an experience – enough of a framework to have success at learning, but open enough to take the appathons in a variety of directions.

This site features a full Appathon: From beginning to end (and does include coding). Participants and hosts can modify accordingly.

Appathon Objectives


1. Understand basics of Abre Platform

2. Brainstorm and decide what app you will build

3. Interview other teams and get feedback

4. Wireframe and plan UI/UX for app

5. Explain and get feedback from colleagues

6. Download and install WAMP/MAMP/Editor

7. Setup and run Abre / Abre Starter app

8. Code your app

9. Present your app in demo slam

Ready to Start?

We’ve broken up an Appathon into 5 parts. You can make modifications accordingly.

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