How To Guide

The process for becoming a certified trainer

  1. Apply via this website.
  2. Get accepted into the program. You will be notified of acceptance.
  3. Complete the required courses.
  4. Submit evidence of completion.
  5. Achieve certified trainer status.

Where to find resources

Two locations:

  1. Abre’s Community Website. We have a dedicated area for the certification program. It features the application, a private forum, and various resources.
  2. A dedicated Abre instance located at

You are certainly free to work in your own Abre instance if you are an Abre customer. The Training Abre instance gives you the ability to work in Abre without worrying about affecting a live school site.

In the training site, we have numerous Learn courses that walk you through the many aspects of Abre (see here for the Course Syllabus).

The Certified Trainer Forum

Once accepted into the program, it’s critical that you join and subscribe to the Certified Trainer Forum. This will be the predominant way of communicating to other trainers and participants. News will be communicated via this forum.