The purpose of this program is to certify and train individuals on how Abre works, the community around it, and best practices for assisting other adult learners. This program is broken into 12 courses of varying degree.

Title Objective(s) Status (or Version)
The Abre Hub Explore the core features of the Abre Hub. Learn best practices with Announcements, Headlines, and Shortcuts v 1.0
Students App Explore how to use the Students App. v 1.0
Focus App Explore how to use the Focus App. Learn best practices. v 1.0
Directory App Learn how to use Abre’s Directory App. Minimal training. Waiting
Publications App Learn how to use the Publications App. Learn how to author, download, and upload ePub files. In Development
Curriculum App Define how use the Curriculum App from a teacher’s perspective. Learn how to create Curriculum and model lessons. Explore best practices for creating Curriculum Guides. In Development
Learn App Define how to use the Learn App for taking courses. Discover best practices for tracking learning. Combine the Learn App with the license renewal process. In Development
Forms App Learn how to create and use Abre Forms. In Development
Plans App Learn how to create, deploy, and track both student and staff education plans. In Development
Assessment App Learn how to create and deploy assessments via Abre’s Assessment App Waiting
Behavior App Learn how to use the Behavior App and track incidents over time. v 1.0
The Abre Support Process Define how the Abre Support Process works and what obligations Abre Certified Trainers have with the support process. v 1.0
Trainer Guidelines Lessons Customer Support 1o1, adult learning, and best practices. In Development
Brand Guidelines How the Abre brand is used and what Abre Certified Trainers can do with the brand. v 1.0
The Abre Community How the Abre Community Site is used. Also includes lessons on open source In Development
Abre Technology A deeper dive into the technology of Abre. How do development cycles work? How are bugs reported? The central objective is to gain a solid understanding of the work behind the code. In Development
Appathons Define how Abre Appathons work and how Certified Trainers can encourage them. In Development
Final Review A course dedicated to summarizing what’s been learned and what are future obligations. In Development