Abre Community Forums Feature Requests Email notification for announcements/severity options

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  • compton_a
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    Email alert options would be a great benefit for our team –

    We missed a fire drill cancellation because we are unable to babysit our computers all day while teaching, and they only posted an announcement on Abre and didn’t email or notify anyone else, so everyone was standing around waiting for a fire drill that didn’t happen. I’m unable to stand by my computer pressing refresh to view new posts all day long.



  • Zach Vander Veen
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    A few thoughts on this:

    1. A headline may be more useful in this situation.
    2. Abre works great on phones! Almost like a native app. We recommend adding it to your home screen.

    At the moment, Abre isn’t necessarily the best option for realtime notifications (ie txt/email messages). A notification (internal) system is on our long term roadmap, but no expected beta launch.


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