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    Ava Smith
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    So I can currently create a form and call it IPDP and assign to teachers. It would be great if:

    • I could designate the form a “STAFF PLAN” like I can with students (it’s actually an education plan). Then make that plan part of the staff profile in both their profile link and the directory.
    • I could set up a workflow approval route. Where the LPDC committee could approve.

    Once I have the plan, I need to track it against my CEUs. Regarding CEUS, I can earn points in the Learn App. But:

    • I need a way to designate points to CEUs (1 point = 1 minute of a CEU?)
    • I need to track CEUs against IPDP
    • I would love to have a coupon system to track CEUs earned that are given in a non electronic setting (IE attending a training at a different district).

    Abre’s 80% of the way there (which is why I get so excited) – but I’m hoping folks will upvote these features to help get across the finish line 🙂

    Terms for any non-Ohio folk visiting the community site

    • IPDP = Individual Professional Development Plan. Every educator needs one in order to renew their license.
    • LPDC = local professional development committee. The committee that approves PD for educators
    • CEU = Continuing Education Unit. The unit of education needed to renew a license. 18 are required in Ohio. 1 unit = 10 hours.

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    Chris Rose
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    I believe Abre now has all that was mentioned complete.

    You can now track points connected to a Plan (for staff). You can also submit a plan for approval in which an admin can review and accept. Abre also supports the ability to award points for outside PD opportunities.

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