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  • Melissa
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    It would be great if there was a way for points not be awarded to users based on completing a course. Instead have an embedded feature allowing points to be awarded after evidence of learning is submitted and reviewed.

  • Becky
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    This would be great!  I’ve developed guidelines for how teachers may use the learning from the modules for varying degrees of credit for the IPDP, but any documentation that have to submit separately. Allowing teachers to submit evidence and then being able to award points within a course would be helpful.

  • Zach Vander Veen
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    @melissa and @becky I’m trying to wrap my head around this. As someone still needs to review the evidence, you’ll need to manually send a code.

    That said, here’s an idea that might work.

    1. Create a form in Google (you could also use Abre Forms – it works the same way). Add a few fields (could be paragraph, upload, multiple choice, etc).
    2. In google forms, if they get a final question direct, direct to a next page that features a CEU Redemption Code
    3. Embed form in the Learn Course

    See video below to see how this is done. But this would automate the process.

    You could do variations of this as well.

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