The purpose of the community site is to leverage the knowledge, skills, and voices of Abre users.

As open source fans, we’re using WordPress + BuddyPress + BBPress for this community site. Here are a few tutorials on how to use the site.


You can login with your social network of choice OR create your own account on the website. Up to you, but social login is easier.


Your profile page will allow you to control settings, see your activity, communicate with other members, and update biographical information. Of particular note isĀ email notificationsĀ where you can control what notifications you want to receive in your inbox.

Short Demo from on Vimeo.


Forums are discussion boards. A forum centers around a subject (for example, feature requests). Forums consist of:

  1. Topics
  2. Replies

Any logged in individuals can post a topic and reply.

Some forums contain upvotes and downvotes for features.

A Note on Forums

Be nice. A code of conduct will be appearing shortly.


Groups allow you to:

  1. Have a “teamed” social network within the community site.
  2. Post messages to teammates
  3. Have a forum thread.