Newsletter 12.19.19

Holiday Edition

Introducting Abre Solutions

As one of our current customers you are familiar with us talking about the various Apps available on the Abre Platform. You also know that these Apps can be combined to solve district challenges. You get it, but such a flexible and multi-faceted platform can be confusing to folks not familiar with Abre. To make things easier for everyone to understand what Abre offers we are changing the way we talk about our Apps. Introducing Abre Solutions.

Abre Solutions

You know the saying “the more things change the more they stay the same”? Well, that’s true in this case. This new solution focus will allow us to communicate the value that Abre offers in a more concise manner and allow us to grow the Abre community. As valued members of our community we wanted you to know what’s up.

Abre Community Solution

One of the key features of the Community Solution is Partners. What is Partners? Partners allows districts to manage their community learning partners (outside organizations that engage with students) allowing the partners to roster the students that they serve, submit student attendance and access secure, authorized district selected student information.

“The value for schools is that they can now see which students are engaged in which programs. And they can begin to assess the impact of the various programs on student growth,” says Chris Rose, Co-Founder and VP of Product.

Learning partners also benefit. Giving the school the ability to provide data to the organization, the learning partner can evaluate and improve their own programs. For some learning partners, showing evidence of impact on student growth enables them access to additional grants, which, in turn, allows them to expand and improve their programs to more students. We call this a win/win.

Recipe Exchange

We have a recipe to help you tell your stories.

Schools have stories! Highlighting successes in the classroom, sharing engaged learning, and celebrating culture are worthy news events. Yet it can be challenging to regularly gather stories.

One way to solve this challenge is to use Abre Headlines and Forms to allow for story idea submissions. Check out our recipe “Using Abre and Other Tools for Communication.

We’re Big on Community

Highlights from the Feature Request Forum

We have heard that an auto-refresh of the home screen to pull in new Announcements would be helpful. Let us know what you think.

Megan has some ideas on how best to organize the flow of announcements. If any have thoughts, we would love to hear.

If you like any of these feature requests, be sure to upvote the request (and contribute your own ideas). Also, feel free to leverage the community site with questions! Visit

Tic-Tok. Is Time Running out for Email?

A Snap Is Worth a Thousand Words

In curious generational news, “Teenagers don’t use email – colleges do. That’s a problem during admissions season.

How We Learned to Love the Pedagogical Vapor of STEM in which Wired offers a slightly snarky (but interesting) takes on STEM education.

Google’s Recorder App is a little amazing. We’ve taken to using it during podcast recordings (its live transcripts are fairly incredible). Here’s a fun article explaining the technology behind the app.

After 25 years, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” hits #1 on the Billboard Charts. This is the first time a holiday song reached # since the Chipmunks. Our prediction for next year: The Chipmunks singing All I Want.