Newsletter 10.3.19

Summits, Notes, and More

Customer Summit

We’ve heard from a few people that they can’t make it for the whole day.  We know it is a lot to ask to take a whole day away from your school or district.  Please feel free to come for portions of the day.  But please do register to help us with final plans.  Also, if you have a colleague that you feel might benefit please forward on the invite.

Where: University of Cincinnati 1819 Innovation Hub

When:  8:30 am till 4:30 pm on October 10th

Why:  Interact with peers discussing important issues for educators, engaging keynote speakers, and best practices for using Abre as presented by Abre users!

Student Notes

Abre’s Student Notes Features has quickly become a favorite for many of our customers. With Student Notes, teachers and administrators can quickly add information about a student, such as parent call logs, student strengths, and other valuable information likely not found in your SIS! To learn more about Student Notes and how to create one, head on over to our Help and Support Page by clicking here!