Newsletter 9.15.19

New Developments | Abre Discover | Landing Page Hops

Customer Summit

Please Join Us for the 2nd Annual Customer Summit

We really hope to see you at the University of Cincinnati 1819 Innovation Hub from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm on October 10th for the 2nd Annual Customer Summit event. In addition to a great space we have a great lineup in store for you.

Why should you attend?

  • Interact with peers discussing important issues for educators
  • Engaging keynote speakers
  • Learn how to get the most out of Abre presented by Abre users

What We’ve Been Up To

We have a weekly development cycle at Abre. That means that every week we release code updates that introduce new features, make enhancements to existing features and correct things that aren’t working quite right. And, because #AbreMeansOpen we post all of these release updates in our Help and Support center. Curious to see what’s new? It’s all just a click away.

A couple of our recent releases include the ability to save your responses to a form as a draft and come back to your form later. We have also added a completion report to the responses tab in Forms. You can now generate a report that indicates which users have/have not completed the form.

In addition, we have also just released the ability to target a headline by building. So now if you need to be sure your Elementary staff see a headline you can now direct that headline to just your Elementary buildings!

Abre Discover

Check out and subscribe to Abre Discover. Organized in a blog format, Abre Discover is a place for educators to share diverse perspectives and insights. It is a place to “hear and be heard”.

In this one place you’ll find blog posts, webcasts, and articles. Sometimes we’ll be talking about the Abre product but much of our focus will be on telling the stories of fellow Educators. Abre Discover will also be home to the forthcoming “Open to Learn” podcast which will feature a variety of topics discussed with featured guests. Stay in the know and discover new perspectives with Abre Discover.

Keep the Landing Page Hopping

Curious about best practices for using Abre Announcements? Check out this post on our Abre Discover Website.

Now that the year is in full swing Abre users are looking at ways to organize all their great Abre materials. Becky had a great suggestion to add the ability to drag and drop the order of topics in a Learn course.

Also from the community site, Chrisanne would find the ability to rename classes helpful.

If you like any of these feature requests, be sure to upvote the request (and contribute your own ideas). Also, feel free to leverage the community site with questions!

It’s Complicated (Tangents and Otherwise)

Scientific American published a fascinating article on “our willing to share content without thinking is [being] exploited to spread disinformation.

The data over teen screen use is…complicated.

How “smart” email could change the way we talk.