Newsletter 11.28.19

Thanksgiving Edition

When the Abre team takes a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for our amazing customers top the list. Thank you. We are grateful for your partnership and wish you a happy (and relaxing) Thanksgiving.

Customer News

A shout out to Batavia Superintendent Keith Millard! His presentation with our VP of Instruction –  “Education in an Automated Future” – was a big success at this year’s Ohio’s School Board Association Conference. Interested in the topic? You can find the presentation here.

Curious on how to use Abre to support Response to Intervention? We have a recipe for that! What’s a recipe? A recipe is a way that you can combine functionality within Abre to create solutions to challenges. Much like baking a cake, you can combine the ingredients found in Abre to create something new (albeit not as delicious as cake).

Behind the scenes with Fourth Wall

The team at Abre loves working with students on project-based learning projects (anyone interested in hosting an App-A-Thon?). When we were looking to create an Abre commercial and learned about FourthWall Youth Studios we were all in!

FourthWall Youth Studios is a filmmaking and digital media program for youth in junior high and high school and offers teens at five Cincinnati Public high schools an alternative path to success through film production and digital media, providing 21st-century skill development, a portfolio, after-school jobs, a network, and college and career guidance. All that and within walking distance from our office!

Check out this behind the scenes video created by FourthWall about their work with us.

A Remodel

We’ve updated our Community Site. While we generally loved using BBpress for our forum technology, we’re excited to use a new modern application for discussions. We’ve also upgraded some membership capabilities within the site. So head on over and check out the new features! While you’re there be sure to ❤️ your favorite feature requests and ideas. Below are a couple to get you started:

We have a request to include more details in the behavior emails administrators receive.

A fun discussion on whether “Schools need an LMS” is going on in the Idea Forum.

Feel free to leverage the community site with your questions, feature requests and ideas!

Wiki My Social

Apple’s Phil Schiller has an opinion on kids using Chromebooks in school. Our take? Success is dependent on the teacher, not a device.

Discipline or education? Schools rethinking how they deal with vaping problem. A solid read.

The founder of Wikipedia has launched a social network he hopes will compete with Facebook. In which the question is asked: Would users pay for a social network if it didn’t have all the ads and data mining?