Recipe Post— 5 Min Read

Using Abre to Manage Issues of Compliance

The start of the school year brings a multitude of compliance issues. Teachers need to update their contact information. All staff members must complete OSHA training. Legislatures pass new laws that require additional coursework on items like bullying. Everyone needs to acknowledge updated and new Board Policies.

Forms. Lots and lots of forms.

How can schools use Abre to help with compliance issues?

We have a recipe for helping with compliance!

Compliance Objectives

Ideally, schools want compliance training to be:

  1. Relevant
  2. Effective
  3. Effecient
  4. Simple to monitor. Verification shouldn’t take loads of time.

The Setup

This recipe uses the following Abre Apps:

  1. The Hub (specifically Announcements and Headlines)
  2. Forms
  3. Learn + Curriculum

Abre & Compliance

We’ve defined a recipe to assign, track, and verify issues relating to compliance.

STEP 1 – Create a Compliance Learn Course

Include topics that relate to issues of compliance.

Create Course

STEP 2 – Create a Form

The form should feature questions that let you know individuals completed the course.

STEP 3 – The Headline

The headline features a link to the course. It serves as a reminder to complete the course.


STEP 4 – Verify

Verification occurs in two places: The compliance course and the form.


Instructional Graphic

Using Abre to Help with Compliance Issues

Detailed Solution

Using the Example of an OSHA Compliance Course.

Part 1: Create the Course

  1. Go to the Curriculum App.
  2. Create a new course. Designate it a Learn Course.
  3. Create a topic for every element of the course. For example, you might have a topic for “Workplace Safety”.
  4. Add content in each topic.

Looking for state mandated compliance courses? Abre features a number of already created courses developed from creative commons content. Schools can use the courses and adapt at will. Contact support if this interests you.

Part 2: Create a Form

  1. Go to the Forms App.
  2. Create a form. Title it “OSHA Compliance”.
  3. You can now create a series of questions. At minimum, we would add a required checkbox that states “I have completed the course” and a paragraph field that asks the user to reflect on what they’ve learned.

Part 3: Add a Link to the Form in the Course

In the last topic of the course you just created, add a link to the form for all participants to complete.

Part 4: The Headline

  1. Create a headline that informs staff of the training and the due date.
  2. Provide a link to the Learn Course you created.

Note: Some schools provide repeat headlines to remind staff.

Part 5: The Verification

You can verify that staff completed all compliance training through the two apps.

The Learn App:

  1. Go to the course
  2. Download the report to see who completed the course.

The Form App: 

  1. Go to the form you created that staff completed at the end of the course.
  2. Download the completion report to see who did not complete the form.
  3. Use the report as a second level of verification.