Using Abre to Create Daily Check-Ins

Daily communication between students, parents, and schools has become increasingly important during this period of coronavirus. As students are spread between online and face to face learning environments, how do schools capture important items like daily health, attendance, and social-emotional status? Especially with a degree of consistency and fidelity?

Abre has a number of features that can help. Specifically:

  1. Abre headlines for capturing daily input.
  2. Abre forms for collecting information.

In this example, we demonstrate how a school uses Abre to capture attendance, a health data point, and a short reflection on learning.

In Summary

Part 1: Create the Form

  1. Access the Abre Forms App
  2. Create a new form
  3. Call it “Daily Check-in”
  4. Add the fields you would like to include in your check-in.

Note: You could use the same form throughout the week or month. Students can make multiple entries. The entry date is recorded.

Part 2: Create a Headline

  1. Create a new headline.
  2. Give a title. Usually the day of the headline.
  3. Attach the “Check-In” form you created in part 1.
  4. Set start and end dates. If you’re using a daily check-in, you will want to make the start and end dates the same for each check-in.
  5. Assign the headline to end-user
  6. Select “action required”.
  7. Save the headline

Note: Many schools create a week’s worth of headlines at once.

Part 3: Complete the Headline

Students are greeted with the headline when they start their device.

Part 4: Monitor

  1. Someone within the school (for example, an attendance monitor) monitors the entries. This can be done throughout the day (not recommended) and at the end of the day.
  2. Access the form in Abre Forms
  3. Click the “Responses” Tab

Learn More

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