Using Abre to Help Families Learn about Instruction Delivered Online

Let’s say I’m a Director of Instruction for a school district. Among the many challenges of this past pandemic spring, it is increasingly important that I communicate to families about their role in their child’s learning. School/home partnerships are critical. Especially as our district moved instruction online during stay-at-home orders.

How can I go beyond merely communicating with our families but also helping to educate them on resources available to them and their students?

Abre can do this in three simple, yet powerful, steps.

The Goal

I want to create a simple lesson for my families that clarifies how we deliver instruction online. We’re going to keep this lesson simple, focused, and concise. Our objectives:

  1. Describe how instruction will be delivered.
  2. Describe where instruction can be found.
  3. Define basic expectations for online learning.

Step 1: Create a Slide Deck

With a focus on conciseness, I create seven slides.

Step 2: Feedback and Check for Understanding

I want to allow families to give feedback and receive more information if desired. Using Abre Forms, I create a two-field form:

  1. Would you like to receive more information via a weekly newsletter?
  2. Feedback on the presentation

Step 3: Create an Abre Headline

Headlines are announcements that take over the screen; they provide focus. I create a targeted headline for families at Bridgeport Elementary and Garfield Middle School.

When creating the Abre Headline, I include three critical elements.

  1. I embed the slide deck.
  2. I attach the Abre form.
  3. I make the Abre Headline required.

The third element is optional in this scenario. By making the Abre Headline required, I am forcing families to read through the slide and complete the form.

Bringing it Together

So what does this look like when put together?

As a family member:

  1. I log in to Abre.
  2. The Abre Headline greets me.
  3. I review the slide deck and learn how the district is delivering instruction.
  4. I finish the form and have the ability to get more information.

As a Director of Instruction:

  1. I’m guaranteed to deliver a learning experience to my families.
  2. I have a growing list of families who would like to know more by subscribing to a newsletter.

Other Examples

I’m using instruction as an example, but Slides + Forms + Headlines can be used in a variety of scenarios. For example:

  • Communicating and teaching how school lunch and breakfast schedules can work
  • Relaying social and emotional health resources
  • Announcing school building closures
  • Safety and security training

Learn More

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