Framework Post— 5 Min Read

Using Abre to Manage and Assign Devices

In a (very fun) brainstorming session with one of our customers, we tackled the following question:

How can I use Abre (in its current form) to assign Chromebooks to students?

Here’s the general framework we developed.

The Setup

  1. Focus on secondary students.
  2. They do have a homeroom / starting day period.
  3. They will not use carts. Each student will be assigned a particular/individual Chromebook (no cart sets).
  4. Down the road they may/maynot send Chromebooks home with kids.

More Detail Questions to Solve

  1. Assign the serial number/asset tag number to the student.
  2. Make that information available to all teaching staff and parents.

Abre & Device Assignments

We’ve defined a method to assign and track Chromebooks with Abre. This framework uses the following Abre Apps: The Students App & the Forms App.

STEP 1 – The Handout

In Homeroom, student receive a Chromebook. Students turn over the Chromebook and write the serial number.

STEP 2 – The Login

Login to the Chromebook. Students are greeted with an Abre Headline that contains a form.

STEP 3 – The Form

District creates and “Asset Assignment Form”. Can feature as many field. Requirement: Serial Number.

STEP 4 – The Completion

Students complete. Before submitting, teacher verifies serial number entry.

STEP 5 – The Follow Up

Form is associated with the student in the Students App.


Framework Graphic

Using Abre to manage and assign devices.

The Solution

Part 1:

  1. The first day of school students arrive in their homerooms.
  2. A stack of Chromebook wait in the homeroom.
  3. Chromebooks are handed out to students (no need match at this point).
  4. Students turn CB over and write both the Serial Number and Asset Tag Number on a piece of paper.

Part 2: (Assume Abre is set as the home screen)

  1. Students turn the Chromebook on.
  2. They login to Abre.
  3. They are greeted with a Headline with an embedded “Chromebook Assignment Form” in the headline. They can’t do anything until they complete the form.

Part 3: The Form

  1. The district creates an Abre form and assigns it to students.
  2. The form can feature however many fields as you want, but core fields would be serial number and asset tag number.
  3. Form auto records student first name, last name, email, and student ID.

Part 4: The Completion

(Quality Control Element)

  1. Students complete the form.
  2. Before submitting the form, the homeroom teacher walks by the desk, picks up the paper, asks students to read the serial number on the form to verify it matches the paper.
  3. Submit.

Part 5: Administration

  1. The form associates with the student profile. Therefore any staff can view the form (parents can view the form associated with their child).
  2. The Tech Director can download the form with ALL the data to see who has what
  3. The Tech Director could (with some other tools) associate form fields with GSUITE console/Chromebook assignments.
  4. Teachers and Director can also use the “NOTES” feature of the student profile to track any issues with Chromebook or Student.