Behavior Tabs/Actions

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Sean Hurley Participant Subscriber 11 months

I would like to track small things in behavior so when I, or another teacher who has the student pulls up the “Behavior Tab”, it shows ALL infractions, including the “Personal Referral”.

1. When I have filled out personal referrals for a student’s minor behavior, I have to enter in a lot of information such as: room number, dates, times, etc. 

  • Could the Rooms be searchable by a typing field so when I type “Commons” it appears instead of scrolling through my building AND another building I have access to?
  • When assigning the discipline such as a “Warning”, can it not require the second date field and how many days served? This is extra information not needed.

2. When looking up a student who has opened or closed behavior refearals, You can only see them if you type in last name. Can that be a first name search option as well?

3. When I close a referral or archive it, it does not appear in the “Behavior” tab of the student. I think this is not a good idea because I have no way of keeping track how many times I have warned (or another teacher has warned) a student for the same behavior. The only referrals that seem to show up are “Office” referrals, which are very rare in our district. Also, what is the difference between “closing” a referral and “archiving” it?