Conduct Documentation and Office Referrals to Paper

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tacox Participant Subscriber 3 years
Because parents frequently ask for them (to give to Drs, advocates, or just to hang on the fridge), and they constitute a record we are required to give, I have requested a printing feature for documentation reports. The current method is screen shotting, and it is obviously very cumbersome and lacks any degree of professionalism, and also exposes "admin information." This could be a "Download Report" button for documentation as there already is for Office referrals. This in and of itself could be the record (although a little ugly), or at the very list it could quickly be thrown in a merge letter from the csv. Documentation could be added to the Office "Download report" and filtered out afterwards. Or  it could be a similar Summary Report like Office referrals have. A related way of tackling this would be for Admin to be able to flip documentation reports back to office and use the summary report feature. Which could be handy, as it is, admin can't delete/modify documentation reports.