Edit Only Access for Teachers within the PLAN App

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Becky Participant 2 years

As a district we are making it a goal to greatly expand our use of Abre this year as our teaching and learning hub.  For the 2019-2020 school year, teachers will complete their WEPs within Abre.  As a district, we feel that it is very important for teachers to complete WEPs for his or her own students so that the document is specific, differentiated, and meaningful.

We are currently in a little bit of a Catch-22 with this goal of teachers completing WEPs for his or her own students. Either:

We make teachers who are completing WEPs plan administrators, which means that they would be able to access/edit WEPs for student who are not their own.  This could lead to errors within the plan;


Complete the WEP on behalf of teachers, which would mean either an inordinate amount of work for a small amount of people or a very simple and general plan.

It would be extremely beneficial and make the Plan app extraordinary more robust to be able to give specific teachers edit only access to specific students.