Focus/Guided Learning for parents at home??

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Stacy Participant Subscriber 3 years
So, here are a few crazy ideas thrown into the mix and hoping there is interest for these features in the future! I am super intrigued by guided learning sessions for parents that the kids could not get out of without a parent password! Currently, we recommend Circle by Disney or Norton Family to parents, but they would LOVE the ability to limit the access their children have at home! And if they could schedule this by setting up hours of restrictions at night or after school when they are home alone, that would be amazing and would need an app for parents on their phone to control regardless of where they are. We could load the extension on all district purchased Chromebooks and parents could download the app to control it on their child's device by entering the device serial number once and then it saves in the app! Now we just need to figure out if we can charge them to purchase the app?? How does this become money making for Abre? District purchased or parent purchased? And how can I make sure the sites we need to single sign on for school will load ok and allow them to sign in?? Enough for now! Can't wait to see this come to life!! Maybe it lives in the one to one management you are working on?? So the devices can be linked to parents automatically??