Learn Coupon Code Requests

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David Participant Subscriber 2 years
We are really excited to get rocking with using the Learn and Plans app cooperatively to house our professional learning ecosystem for staff. To bounce up against continuing education norms and make things as easy to understand as possible for teachers, we are hoping for a few feature requests: Coupon Code Advanced Editing/Deletion Is it possible to adjust settings so that a Learn admin can revoke points earned through a Coupon Code? Seeing into the future, we are going to need this functionality. This could live under the Eyeball button with a delete option for each user. Print Option for Point Breakdowns Could we generate a Print screen from the Points Breakdown in Learn? We will be using this as evidence for internal CEUs for license renewal and would serve as a running record. Without it, we have to take screenshots and if scrolling is involved, that's lame. Thanks for considering!