Professional Development Recipe Enhancement

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David Participant Subscriber 2 years
After meeting with our administrative team and getting some great feedback on our professional learning setup in Abre (they LOVED it, by the way), we have some additional minor suggestions for functionality within the Learn and Plans apps. Looking to get your thoughts on potential development:   Learn Would it be possible to see in the Redemption Codes breakdown, in addition to Title, Code, Points, and Redemptions, to also see who created the code? Plans Is it possible to include a hyperlink with the body of a question or description within a Form/Plan? Is 10 the limit for the number of attachments in File Upload? If there any way to increase this number? IMPORTANT: When Uploading Files, would it be possible to upload/attach directly from Google Drive? Ie, not having to download a file locally or convert to a PDF before uploading (much like Schoology, Bb or Canvas can do).