Student Listing Feature, Data Entry, and Plans

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Corbin Moore Participant Subscriber 3 years
We would like to see a student listing feature added to the Students App to help teachers and administrators create more "Custom Reports" for particular instructional and reporting purposes.  We are currently using a similar feature in a program designed for EL students.  The application allows users to view basic student data (e.g. name, ID Numbers, Grade Level, School, LEP Status), but the if you need a report on the OELPA Scores, First Enrolled in US Schools Date, and OST Scores, you simply add those fields to what you want to be displayed.   The program also allows you to adjust the order of the fields in the menu and the view mode.  Once a view has been created, it can be saved for future use.  The Student Listing Feature also allows the user to filter certain fields (e.g. grade or school) so that we can look at a subset of a particular view.  Additionally, views can be shared with other teachers and administrators and the view can be easily exported to a CSV file used to create parent letters, plans, or other reports. Another area of potential improvement would be to allow teachers to input other benchmark assessment and progress monitoring data or gifted test data (limited by the district to certain district assessments).  It's possible that this information could be added through a form or plan.  This data could be displayed on the student's report card, but for data analysis, the teachers could use the student listing feature or custom report feature to produce a view/spreadsheet to compare, connect, and correlate data. Finally, create a mechanism for entering goals for students from various goal banks (State/District/Teacher) to help streamline the plan writing process.  This could aid teachers and administrators in the creation of IEP's, WEP's, WAP's, EL Student Plans, Behavior Plans, or more class specific student plans.   Then teachers could create a plan by selecting which data they want to be displayed on a plan (because it is stored in ABRE) as opposed to manually entering data for each student into a plan form. Thank you for the consideration.