Teacher Made Sub Groups In Classroom View

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Sean Hurley Participant Subscriber 1 year

Sub Groups In Classroom View to function with the drop down sorter (i.e. IEPs and 504's).

I teacher choirs of about 70 students per period. I sort my student into sections (Bass, Tenor 1s, Tenor 2s, Alto 1s, Alto 2s, Soprano 1s, Soprano 2s). I would love to be able to sort my class roster with these "distinctions" I can add myself so that way I can sort them by their section.

This would help me be able to show students what parts they are assigned on each piece. I assume other classroom teachers would find this helpful.

I know there is a way to make groups in the "Overview Classroom" look but it would be nicer to be able to keep these "sub group distinctions" inside the class they are assigned.

LOVE ABRE!!!! Keep of the great work!!! This is the wave of the future!!!!