Updates for Mid-August!

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Zach Vander Veen Administrator Forum Manager Participant Certified Trainer 11 months


  • Added students' 504 status, economically disadvantaged status, and ethnicity to Behavior app downloads.
  • Made UI/UX enhancements to ensure all pages behavior similarly when no results are found.
  • Modified Learning Accommodation dropdown to be Student Status for Behavior Charts
    • Added the ability to sort by economically disadvantaged status
  • Added mobile icons for the communications hub menu.

What’s New

  • Added a class tab in Students App for Staff, Parents, and Partners
    • This allows staff, parents, and partners to see a cumulative grade as well as a grade breakdown by assignment for each of the student's classes.
  • Added the ability to view partners within the Students app.
    • Staff and partners can see the list of partners/programs connected with the program.
    • Parents can see the list of partners/programs connected to their students and also grant consent to partners/programs.
  • Added permission options in the Partners app that grants administrators/volunteers the ability to see partners/programs connected to a student and class level information.